Ein Dalmatiner!!!
  • Poema para Lucio (by Ariel)

    Verde bosque de afinados pinos,
    caminos que me llevan al disfrute del cantar de los pájaros
    y ese martillar de un carpintero inquieto trabajador.

    Bosque de encuentros, bosque de largas caminatas junto a Lucio
    y de un Grüezi Mitenand al pasar.

    Verde, blanca nieve, lluvias que no detienen mi andar,
    paseo que siempre con Lucio mi perro es de andar.

Lucio has been with us for almost two years now, and beside the initial difficult moments, he is a great companion and wonderful dog. He has a strong personality, he is calm, reliable, at times crazy, intelligent, friendly and now really cuddling.
It seems that Dalmatians are not that common anymore, so every time we cross children, there is always a distinct cry: "Ein Dalmatiiiineeeeer!!!".

He is half italian and half russian, and comes from a long line of beauty champions. His full name (just that you know) is Laio Lupus in Fabula del Parnaso (check the kennel Parnaso Facebook page), named Lucio after incredible musicians like Lucio Demare (tango composer), Lucio Dalla and Lucio Battisti (two among the most amazing italian songwriters and performers).